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Open VPN on Android

How to use OpenVPN on android

if your internet service provider of your area blocked the GOOGLE PLAY STORE you can download the OpenVPN.apk from blow link

if you download an install manually skip this step to NO 1

Open VPN Connect Screen

1. click in install

after instalation is comple download OpenVPN Configuration file for using totovps OpenVPN service from below link

go to your file explorer then download folder and then extract OVconfig.zip

OpenVPN Connect Icon

2. go to your apps menu andopen OpenVPN app

Open VPN Connect Wizard

3. motabeghe shekl gozineye 3noghte ro entekhab konid

Open VPS - Import Profile from SD Card

4. choose import and then choose import from sd card

Open VPN Connect Download Files

5. go to extracted OVconfig folder and then choose tcp or udp you can add both.

Open VPN Connect Screen - 2

6. when you add tcp and udp config file then you can choose one

7.enter you username and password

8.choose save

9.tap on connect

OpenVPN Connection Details

congragulation you connected , you can tap on disconnect to close your connection

the udp and tcp speed connection depends on your ISP , pls check two of this and choose the better one