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Cisco VPN on iPad

How to use Cisco VPN on iPad / iPod ( iOS )

Cisco VPN Client starts automatically after installation and you can see the Cisco VPN installation instructions step by step .


1.open app store and search Cisco anyconnect .


2.tap on Get and wait to complete installation proccess.

Cisco Anyconnect Search in App Store

3.tap on Open

Cisco Anyonnect - Download Screen

4.tap on Okey

Cisco Anyconnect Secure Mobility Client Extends the Capabilities

5.tap on setting .


6.Turn off block untrusted servers .

Cisco Anyconnect - Setting Screen

7.go back to Home.


8.go to menu in front of no connection.

Cisco Anyconnect Connection Status

9.tap on Add VPN Connection.

Add Connection - Add VPN Connection - Anyconnect

10. Enter the connection name in description.


11.Enter the server address from below table.




12.and then tap on save.

Add VPN Connection - Description - Server Address

13.Tap and Turn on AnyConnect VPN.


14.tap on continue.

Anyconnect VPN - Untrusted Server

15.Enter your username.

Authentication - Username Screen

16.Enter your password.

Password Screen

When you see the Connected in front of Detail you successfully connected !

Cisco Anyconnect Connection

Also you can see the VPN icon on top of your ipad screen .

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