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Cisco VPN on Windows 10

How to use Cisco VPN on Windows 10

First download Cisco Any Connect from below link for using our cisco vpn Service

1.after Download and extract click on setup file

ciscowin10 2

2.click on next and follow setup instructions

ciscowin10 3

3. click on finish

ciscowin10 4

4. search CISCO in search section of start menu


5. The cisco anyconnect apear in start menu double click on it

ciscowin10 5

6. in right side of program you can see the setting icon click on it

ciscowin10 6

7. uncheck Block Connection to untrusted servers and then close the setting window

ciscowin10 7

8.type you server address from the below table




9.click on connect


10.click on connect anyway

ciscowin10 8

11. enter your username

ciscowin10 9

12.enter your password and waiting to connection established

ciscowin10 10

after you are using cisco vpn you can disconnect your connection like the below picture

ciscowin10 1