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Open VPN on iPhone

How to use OpenVPN on iPhone

Open VPN Client starts automatically after installation and you can see the Open VPN installation instructions step by step .


1.first go to app store and search openvpn connect


2.and tap on GET

OpenVPN Connect - App Store - Install

3.fill your email address in below form and click on send OVPN Config and wait to receive email

4.open your email with your phone , you have received two attached file tcp.ovpn and udp.ovpn , bar yeki az onnha tap konid

Toto VPS VPN - Inbox

5.choose copy to open vpn

Copy to OpenVPN

6.now tap on plus icon to add config in your ovpn, in this picture we add tcp config file also you can go back to step 4 and add udp config too.

Add OpenVPN Standard Profile

7.choose your config (tcp or udp )


8.enter your username


9.enter your password


10.tap on save button


11.and finally tap on connect (in this picture hand cursor is on connect button )

OpenVPN Connect - Login Screen

you can close your connection by tapping on green button and disconnect your connection

Connect OpenVPN Connect