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21st century is Internet censorship

The advancement in technology has made it possible for the governments such as IRAN to not only monitor, spy, track, log the user’s activity but also dictate what the user can and cannot view, read, or access!

One of the most controversial topics in 21st century is Internet censorship and its increased presence in countries such as North Korea, Burma, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, Iran, China, Syria, Tunisia, Vietnam, and many more including Canada! According to USA Today News, In ,North Korea ALL WEBSITES are under government control.

Free internet censorship

IRAN remains one of the worst ,countries with internet censorship and their contradictory claims about freedom,

You can not access social medias such as Facebook !Telegram, YouTube, Instagram to connect with other people and share information freely without the fear of the government involvement.

List of Best VPN protocols:

OpenVPN, Stunnel, TunnelPlus, PPTP, L2TP, Cisco VPN, Keiro VPN

It on YouTube! How is this freedom and how can we help to change this crude system?

Let us unit and support our friends and family who live in countries with censorship with partnering and supporting TOTO VPS’s pledge of brining internet ,anonymity to all those who are under oppression of government.

Let’s up take a stand and support TOTO VPN’s initiative of donating one free VPN connection with your purchase of any of the VPN protocols to your friends and families who live in countries with censorship.

Internet censorship and Firestick and Torrent

for engineering and utilizing different internet protocols including but not limited to VPN, Proxy, Cisco, OpenVPN, and many more to, bring transparency, freedom of expression to those countries under censorship.
our support for companies such as TOTO VPS, that go above and beyond to improve the online experience for those who desperately are in need.

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