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Internet filtering country in Lock-down No More Internet & social Messaging!

Internet filtering country in Lock-down No More Internet & social Messaging!

What if you woke today and the government has imposed a law that will prevent anyone from “Messaging”! No more texting, no more messaging your friend, sharing pictures, sharing moments!


This is not a matter of debate or hypotheticals instead, it’s a matter of fact that IRAN has blocked Telegram from more than 40 million active users. Telegram is a messaging platform to communicate, share contents with friends and family across the globe. More than 40 million people in IRAN were using Telegram, noticed I used past tense “were using”! Because IRAN’s judiciary has ordered nation’s telecommunications providers to block Telegram. This popular messaging app will be banned joining the ranks of Facebook and Twitter. Interestingly, these apps are social media sites, where people can share ideas, thoughts, an opinion with friends, family, and even the world. Can you think of a day when Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or Instagram is banned!


Let’s support TOTO VPS that has taken the initiative to bring transparency, freedom of access to information by creating one of the best VPN protocols that not only is untraceable, but it’s reliable, fast, and secure to the point I would trust my own family to use it. It’s easily installed and user-friendly even for those who are not tech savvy.


With TOTO VPN you can gain access to Telegram, Facebook, YouTube, and surf the internet with no restriction or censorship. In fact, you can gain access to much faster bandwidth and speed without a compromise to safety or security.

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