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Understand Internet Privacy laws and Internet Service Provider’s intention

Understand Internet Privacy laws and Internet Service Provider’s intention

How do you hide your IP address,Location,ISP data?


VPN protcet your data

Why we must have vpn ? with privacy laws changing and involving with continuous thrive towards a better to protect your information when you are online!

No one will look after you, in fact, Internet Service Providers (ISP) are utilizing and leveraging more advanced algorithms to keep detailed logs of their users, online activity, page visited, and time spends on a website. The underlying concerns are who will benefit from it all? Have you ever searched the web for an item,

and later see a related advertising on your screen as you are checking your email! This is what tracking, monitoring, and spying in 21st century entail.

the past decade, telecom companies have been lobbying Congress for less stringent.

and more lenient privacy laws to increase their bottom earnings, thus portraying as advocates for common people and jumping on the “I-hate-Facebook” momentum while utilizing the same techniques to track physical places you have visited, app you have used, and the files you have downloaded.

By using TOTO VPN which utilizes 256-bit encryption all your online activity is protected and your privacy intact. making it one of the best VPN companies to have put the user’s interest before any corporate or ISP or government.


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