Why use VPN?

VPN is no longer bound to business domain; more and more people are using TOTO VPN for their personal needs. Protecting your online privacy rises above all, because you can not be too careful these days! With hackers prying, government spying, and all these tracking systems it’s hard to feel unwatched. When you use TOTO VPN all your online activities are encrypted to increase online security and privacy. The other added benefit is the ability to browse the internet with anonymity. Browse the internet anonymously without being watched or monitored.

Streaming media providers such as Netflix, Hulu, and others are bound by copyright agreements and cannot broadcast certain content outside of the USA. For those who live in UK, Canada, South America, Australia, or anywhere else in the world these laws are enforced by reading your IP address and tracing it to its country of origin. By using TOTO VPN, your IP address is automatically masked and substituted with an IP address from the USA, that means now you have access to all the shows in the USA.

Pros of being VPN Secured

Your IP Privacy remains intact

Malware & viruses cannot affect your system

You can surf to locked & inaccesible portals

Gives your more control over your internet usage

Have you gone to your local coffee shop or stayed at a hotel and used a public Wi-Fi! Almost all of us have, did you know someone can easily access the shared router and steal your personal information from your computer through the shared Wi-Fi? The information on the public Wi-Fi is not encrypted therefore anyone can intercept and read all the data! Public Wi-Fi is insecure and a common place for hackers. The solution is to click on TOTO VPN after you have joined the public Wi-Fi network to encrypt and secure all your activities going forward. TOTO VPN will encrypt all your activities and prevent anyone from hacking, monitoring, or spying on your computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

If you are a businessman, you may use TOTO VPN to gain access to remote and private network that has all the intellectual property and confidential information. On the personal level you may use TOTO VPN to gain access to files, and applications on work or home networks. Being on the go is part of everyone’s life and being smart well that’s just part of someone’s life.

If you are a student at a university or law school or work for any conglomerate corporation then you know that they have their own ‘Acceptable Use’ policy for using the internet. That means you are prohibited to visit certain sites such as YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Showtimes and many more. Using the same network but this time using TOTO VPN will establish a secure and encrypted tunnel that will tunnel out of a restrictive network and access the sites you like. Worth mentioning that all your browsing content is scrambled and indecipherable to the network administrator.

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